ARO pattern 2144    1959-66  PLUS 4 / 2 passenger Roadster


Morgan +4 1959 2str roadster, shown with custom zippered rear window. Installed June 2010

Photos courtesy of owner Peter Davis








Sorry for the long time it has taken to get the top fitted.  I had some cooling issues with the engine that required me to do a second rebuild.  The top looks very good now it is assembled and fixed all round.  The attached photos show the color toning well with the interior and paint.  With the side curtains off and the back window zipped down, we get a good circulation of air driving along and stay shielded from the current hot sun.  Still have to get the side curtains recovered with the extra material but I have reworked the frames to get the sides to match with the windshield and then the original coverings fitted well to the top edge overlap and rear edge down to the B post.  I added some extra fasteners along the back edge to get an even spacing with the sides and take some of the strain of the rear window.  The charcoal interior looks really smart and the webbing straps are fixed to the back edge and hoops with small self tappers and finishing washers.  Last job was to spray the main stitched seams with Scotchgard.  Overall a really great, well made top.  Amazing you can get the size and shape so close on a make/model notorious for each one being different.









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