Classic Sonnenland weave German canvas available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.

As found on many German & Italian models from the 1940's thru early 1990's. Available with the distinctive Tan or Black Dobby weave backing.

Due to changes in the auto industries specifications, this material was superseded in the '90's by twill weave style (Twillfast ).




Tan Dobby backing Black Dobby backing


GR-0200 Black over Tan

GR-1200 Black over Black

GR-0202 Blue over Tan

GR-1202 Blue over Black

GR-0201 Brown over Tan

GR-1201 Brown over Black

GR-0203 Lt.Tan over Tan

GR-1203 Lt.Tan over Black

GR-1296 Porsche Classic Gray over black GR-1291 Bordeaux over black GR-1208 BMW Pearl Beige over Black GR-1287 Porsche Claret over black


GR-1286 Porsche Anthracite over black GR-1287 Porsche Cobalt Blue over black GR-1292 Porsche Magenta over black GR-1294 Porsche Firenza Gray over black


GR-0204* Rosewood over beige by Aresma GmbH      

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