This pattern has been faithfully reconstructed by digitizing the original PERFORATOR PATTERN, in use for many, many years prior to the installation of automated cutting equipment in 1998. Perforated patterns were created by tracing the clean patterns on a stiff paper & running a tracing wheel to puncture the paper. These patterns enabled mass production of an item by stacking multiple layers of fabric up to 48 layers thick (depending upon the pattern & the material), laying the PERFORATOR on the top layer & lightly dusting the pattern. The chalk dust would transfer through the pattern to the top layer of material underneath. Utilizing material clamps & a motorized long blade cutter, many tops of one pattern could be cut at a time.  The benefit to using the PERFORATED pattern was that the pattern lasted forever as there was no constant wearing of the edge of the pattern by marking utensils. While this was the accepted method of cutting for the time, any errors in cutting transferred to all layers.

SLIDERS - Sliding snaps on material strips which are sewn into the side reinforcements. Adjustable to the snap bracket on the top frame.

SNAPS - This "Old Tyme" pattern notes the placement of snaps through the reinforcement. We do not mark for or install snaps due to the possibility of misalignment. SPECIFY if you wish to install the snaps straight through the face of the material or install the snaps as "hidden". If the snaps are to be hidden, the reinforcement will be left OPEN to enable you to easily place the snaps as necessary. The installer will need to stitch the reinforcement down after the snaps are installed. We make some models with a stitched down reinforcement & a stitched opening to allow the placement of the snap. The drawback to installing snaps as "hidden" is the likelihood that one might forget to unsnap the fastener when folding the top down, causing the snap to tear through the material.

STIFFENERS - Additional extra thick material- rubber, plastic, etc - sewn into certain areas to act as fasteners. The stiffeners fit into channels or brackets on the top frame or in the body line. Snaps may also be installed through the stiffeners for "hidden" snaps.

We supply wire-on, wire-on tips and wire-on screws with each kit.

Sliding fasteners are sewn in, and are part of the top kit. The clips on the top frame are not part of the top kit.

We do not supply rubber filler (windlace core) and we do not supply or install additional snaps, screws, etc.

For additional fasteners, windlace core or other items - please go here.



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