Established in 1919, ARO products have been the choice of professional restorers for over 70 years! Call or email us for current pricing & special offers.

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Experience - Established in 1919, ARO patterns have been proven during "in house" & "field" installations for over 80 years by professional restorers & installation centers. ARO Mfg. had long been a consultant to the automotive industry prior to becoming  the "OE" manufacturer for GM, FORD, CHRYSLER & others starting in 1958. ARO has manufactured convertible tops, convertible rear glass back-lites, full vues, pads, well liners & other items from patterns provided by the auto manufacturers through 1995. OE patterns are on file with the factory part #'s & specifications.  

Quality - Automated cutting systems, coupled with techniques required by the OE automotive industry provide consistent quality & fit for long term customer satisfaction.   

Mission Statement - Our mission is simple - to supply high quality products & service our customers expect. What could be better than "topping" off a quality restoration project with one of our many "OE" factory patterns?  Call or email us for current pricing & special offers.

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